VERAR - Vulnerability Exploration, Resilience Assessment & Risk.

Identification of VERAR candidates.

There is a lot of discussion about risk. But, risk has some critical underpinning analysis that needs to be carried out to ensure that you have the correct understanding of the risk situation. This underpinning work is the identification and exploration of vulnerabilities, consideration of the resilience of environment, and the overall assessment of the situation. A correct understanding is necessary to determine efficient and effective risk solutions.

The service we provide is essentially an insight study with a specific focus on vulnerability and resilience and how they roll up into risk.

The service consists of these main activities. The critical aspect though,is to be able to think about them critically.

These activities are continuously repeated until the vulnerability and resilience factors are saturated and no further risk gains can be made.

Our Job Shop service is a practical way to start a VERAR study. Job Shop Service.

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