Logistics Pty Ltd

The "Go to Guys" for the design, development and implementation of maintenance and logistics support practices for machine based technologies using Management Science methods.

What challenges, difficulties, disruptions, inhibitors, messes, or problems are you facing?
Are your decision and operations processes and practices rigorous and relevant?
Can you understand and articulate the situation?
This is your "known as is" situation; now, exactly what is your "goal to be" situation?
Our insight study will enable you to navigate from the "as is" to the "to be" situation.

Our aim: rigorous, relevant & useful solutions (system architectures) that helps you realize the "operational or battlepace doctrine".

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What do we do? - in a nutshell - Insight Studies

How can we help you?

Our Value Proposition: Be Relevant.

Logistics Pty Ltd is a long established business (1987) and over the years has been involved in a wide range of activities in industries including defence, mining, power generation, rail, and academic; in Australia and overseas.

This scope of work gives us a credible range and depth of experience that can be applied to current issues, emerging issues as well as unravelling legacy issues. We have a specific interest in useful life planning for ageing plant and equipment.

Our interests are maintenance, logistics and operations; and we take a systems approach to working out how they work - or don't work as can be the case.

We have a strong practical and academic skill set, so we are able to apply multi-faceted and eclectic critical thinking to your situation.

We offer these services: Specialist Assistance (inluding Mentoring & Coaching), Training, Research, and Consulting. Our aim is to "value add" to your existing skills and competencies.

We offer a "Blue Ocean" approach to your logistics strategies, tactics and operations.

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If you need additional information, please email me Adrian Stephan.

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